InsiteVR working with Bim360 and Oculus Quest

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A couple of weeks ago I joined an Autodesk BIM360 webinar in which they showcased the ability to collaborate in the cloud in a VR environment. I’ll talk about the highlights below.
Concepts: Virtual Reality

This idea behind VR is that you use technology to experience the environment or the building. Meaning that you can walk/teleport to the inside of the building using the controllers, look around by moving your head and possibly click on objects to see their properties and so interact with the building. More on VR in the building Industry:

Concepts: Oculus Quest
This is the latest VR hardware/headset that does not require a wired connection to the PC. This is a significant improvement because the last couple of years we had both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift which both needed a wired connection to the PC. More on the Oculus Quest:

Concepts: Autodesk BIM360
BIM360 is a cloud-based common data environment from Autodesk for managing the design and building of buildings. Multiple stakeholders can share documents and models so that the BIM360 platform becomes the projects’ one source of truth. This means that the latest drawings/models are always available and accessible by anyone that is part of the project. BIM360 platform is used for designing buildings using Revit Models and then downstream for the construction of these buildings using the documents available on the BIM360 platform. More on Bim360:

Concepts: InsiteVR
InsiteVR is a software development company that has created VR software that works with both BIM360 and Oculus Quest.

The webinar showed how InsiteVR software creates a VR button within the BIM360 environment. So this means that designers still work the same way they currently do use Revit and BIM360 to share their information but if collaboration needs to occur you can simply log in to BIM360. Click the InsiteVR button to start up the VR process. Then each meeting attendee puts on their Oculus Quest headset. These users can join the meeting from anywhere. You’ll then meet in VR around the latest project model in the BIM360 platform. You can also interact with the model to add comments/issues found as part of the meeting using a voice to text conversion system. These comments/issues get written back to the BIm360 platform for later use.
You can view the full 50 minute Webinar here: Link to the Webinar Recording
You can also visit the InsiteVR website blog for more information:

I think the combination of the Autodesk BIM360 Common Data Environment (CDE), Oculus Quest headset that does not require connection to a PC and InsiteVR virtual reality software is a cutting edge solution for collaboration on building projects. I hope the development continues as VR is an exciting, ever-evolving technology.
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