Lumion 10_3 Download – Sign-In and Register Serial Number

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Lumion has changed the way in which one downloads software. It is now necessary to log into one’s Lumion account (or create one if one does not have one) to get the link to the download (previously one simply followed the link provided in an email). It is then also necessary to register the serial number of your Lumion against the user account.

Some other benefits to registering the serial number:

  • Access to all the posts on the forum and the ability to create new posts for the community and the developers to comment and reply on.
  • If the license is stuck on the cloud for whatever reason (undersea internet cables breaking and the like), simply create a post to ask Lumion to release the license (don’t mention the serial number or the activation code: it is inferred from the username)

If you need help downloading and using your Lumion, if you would like to have  14 day trial or some great hardware to run it on (we even have a PC with Lumion on that we rent out), please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.