When would I typically use Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit ( and LT) ?

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This blog is intended to assist you to in deciding which software to look at in subscribing if you are interested in any of them, however its best to talk to us for advice before you make a final decision.

 Overview – what are the products all about.

AutoCAD LT is used for 2D sketching for most industries.

Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 1 - sketch - MechSketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 2 - sketch - Arch

The AutoCAD platform is used for 3D intelligent AutoCAD based drawings and workflows. It caters for most industries like Architecture, GIS, Building Services and Mechanical industry including Plant and Piping drawings, electrical circuitry design and Ducting and Piping drawings. (MEP)

Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 3 - AutoCAD Plant3dSketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 4 - AutoCAD I PD

Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 5 - AutoCAD Elec 1Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 6 - AutoCAD Elec 2

Sketchup is easy for doing 3D sketching or modelling and presentation. You can use Layout product to generate 2D drawings or views from the 3D model. Sketchup is used in mostly the Building Industry. There are lots of addins available and thousands of predefined content in the 3D Warehouse.

Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 7 - Sketchup 3DSketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 8 - Sketchup elevation


Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 9 - Sketchup cupboards addinSketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 10 - Sketchup 3D warehouse

Revit LT is seen as an entry-level Revit. Which means it has fewer features than the Full Revit.

Revit is for 3D Modelling, presentation and 2D generation all in one. Revit is used in the BIM workflow to create and share designs in the cloud using Bim360. Its also mainly used in the Building Industry, particularly in the Architectural Design and Building Services functions.

Sketchup vs AutoCAD (and LT) vs Revit - 11 - Revit

 Positioning – How could it be positioned in your Company.

AutoCAD LT is entry level 2D for all industries.

Revit LT suite is entry level for Building industry professionals if the need Revit.

Sketchup is used as an entry level 3D app.

AutoCAD is perfect for some industries like Electrical and Plant etc.

If AutoCAD wants to be used in the Building industry then we would suggest looking at Revit as Bim auth tool.

Revit is suggested as a BIM auth tool for building industry and Building services as its focused on the future and future developments.


Benefits to your company.

AutoCAD LT is relatively cheap and easy to learn. You can do 2D drawing and its great for users or companies getting into the industry for the first time.

Revit LT Suite is relatively cheap and it also great for users or companies getting into 3D drawing for the first time.

Sketchup is cheap and easy to learn to do 3D drawing. Usually for people getting into industry and needing only presentations and to link to Lumion for presentations.

AutoCAD is relatively expensive if you’re not using the ‘flavours’, like Electrical / Plant/ MEP etc.

Revit is the BIM Auth tool and it opens the world of BIM and BIM360. This space is where the large projects are designed and where most companies want to get involved in.



So hopefully the above will help you decide between choosing some of the software solutions. As it could be a difficult decision please talk to your Sales team at Micrographics as they have extensive experience in providing the correct solutions for your needs. If you require any further information please contact our sales team at Micrographics at: https://www.mgfx.co.za/contact