Micrographics Tools for Inventor AutoDRAW – What’s New


Being an Autodesk Application Engineer at Micrographics, I have access to a wealth of design software as well as peripheral software that enhances Autodesk software across the board.  Micrographics has been involved with enhancing the manufacturing line of software for  Autodesk Inventor with  Tools for Inventor

These tools have been available for many years helping Inventor users complete designs faster.  One of the youngsters in the stables is Autodraw.

AutoDraw recently had some new updates done to it and I am going to go through some of these in this post.

  • Better Performance – Who doesn’t want your calculations to run faster on your old PC
  • Inventor 2020 Compatibility – Did you know that Autodesk only supports the current version of Inventor plus 3 years back (2017).  We support all the way back to 2016 #justsaying
  • QR Codes – The information that can be stored inside the QR Code is the following.  This is configured in the application options settings.  Batch updating of the QR code is also supported
    • Part Number
    • Stock Number
    • Description
    • Item QTY
    • GA QTY

  • Scale according to Scale List – Below you can see a scale list that can be selected for the view placement. In previous versions the software would automatically scale the software to fit onto the page.  This option is still available.

  • Updated View Layout Editor – as you can see below the new layout allows much more flexibility with positioning views, spacing between views and borders, as well as having the option to save these different view layouts to be used when creating the differet drawings for different parts or assemblies