What’s New Inventor 2021 – Revit and AnyCAD


Autodesk introduced AnyCAD into Inventor a few releases ago and with it new ways to interact with models from other CAD software.

The data that Inventor with the AnyCAD technology can link to is the following:

  •  STEP
  • NX

At the end of the list I have included Inventor and you might be puzzled as to why.  The AnyCAD technology allows Inventor to open up models created in a later release of the software.  This only pertains to 1 release though.  for example I am able to open Inventor 2021 models in Inventor 2020 but Inventor 2019 will not be able to open an Inventor 2021 model, only Inventor 2020 data.

A great feature which they are improving on in every release is the sharing of metadata.  Properties can be mapped so that stock numbers and the like can get captured and not have any mistakes entered through to many cooks spoiling the broth as it were.

Autodesk has seen the coming integration with BIM and manufacturing and are creating a world where that integration will get realised between Revit and Inventor with the AnyCAD technology.

Previously you would have exported a RVT file or maybe an ADSK file but then your link would get broken.

If you are familiar with Xrefs in AutoCAD you will be familiar with the concept of AnyCAD.  Opening the Revit file in Inventor with the AnyCAD technology allows you to see and interact with the Revit model.  If any changes are made to the Revit model it will update in the Inventor session and whatever rules or parametric studies you have created between the Revit model and your Inventor model, will update accordingly.

AnyCAD is a great technology and I can’t wait to see it grow from strength to strength.