What’s new in Revit 2022 – Grids in 3D Views

What’s new in Revit 2022 – Grids in 3D Views Introduction Revit 2022 has been released and we’ll be looking at some of the new features. In this blog we’ll focus on the ability to show Grids on the 3D views. Process The last couple of Revit releases Autodesk has been looking at showing more […]

How to create a 3D curved circular shape in AutoCAD

Introduction A while back a customer asked how to create a certain shape they need to draw up in AutoCAD. In plan it needs to be a circle but in elevation it should have a curved profile. In this blog I’ll show the process of how to create the shape as shown. Process The idea […]

Automatic views in AutoCAD 3D

AutoCAD 3D can automatically create views with functionality that is very similar to Inventor.  You are also able to create section and detail views which will automatically update if you modify the position of them. Below is a video to show just how quick and easy it is to document and detail in AutoCAD when […]

V-Ray for Autodesk 3ds Max, Revit & SketchUp

V-Ray – The world’s most realistic rendering software 3ds Max Has flagship rendering capabilities which have set the industry standard for speed, reliability, ease of use and render quality. Revit Architects can review design options quickly and easily and make informed choices faster. Generate realistic images from 3D Models. SketchUp Smartest and fastest rendering solution for SketchUp. With […]

How to change a template in SimLab 3d PDF Exporter for Revit.

A customer asked how to change the title block for his SimLab 3D PDF presentation as he needs to update his template to include the different client names he I exporting the 3D view for. Simlab is an addon for Revit whereby you can export a Revit 3D view into a normal PDF and anyone can […]

How to use Planar Material Mapping in AutoCAD

A question that comes up regularly from students and customers is to explain how to edit or scale a material on a surface of a 3D model. In the example below I have drawn a box shaped 3d solid and attached a brick texture to the object. To explain how to scale the brick pattern […]

How do I do a path animation in AutoCAD

To do the animation in AutoCAD you need to follow this step. A good idea is to move your 3D model to the 0,0 point. This seems to be the focus point of the camera by default. Now draw an arc around the 3d model. This will become the camera path eventually. As the arc […]

How to export Revit models to 3D PDF using SimLab’s 3D PDF Exporter

The significance of this 3D PDF exporter is Revit users can now sent normal PDF file to their customers with the advantage that your customer can rotate and section the 3D model amongst other features using the normal Adobe Reader 11. Firstly I want to mention that a 15 day demo of SimLab 3D PDF […]

How to 3D Print a Revit Building

With this article/blog we are going to illustrate the process of 3d printing a Revit model. Initially you need to realise that in architecture we work with buildings and if we are going to print them on a relatively small 3D printer’s build tray then the scale deduction is going to be large e.g. 1:200 […]