Autodesk Materials

How many times have you had to re-apply materials onto a model that has been handed down to you from another designer in your team.  If there are a numerous amount of parts this can be very tedious and can seriously hamper the time to get the project out to market. Autodesk has come out […]

3DS Max Render – Stills and Animations

When you first delve into the world of 3DS Max it is all fun and games trying to find your materials, get your lights setup and actually see your model after you have hit that render button. (your first try always seemed to be just a black picture) One thing to take note of before […]

Inventor to 3DS Max – convert materials

When creating renders in 3DS Max you might not necessarily create the geometry inside the software.  One way to create the geometry is through Inventor and then import it using the import and merge functionality in 3DS Max. The materials that Inventor uses is from the Autodesk library. this library is also shared between AutoCAD, […]

Plant 3D to Unity via 3Ds Max

At the current time of October 2020, There is no way to directly import your model into Unity 3D, We have two main programs that we can use as a middleman, Navisworks or 3Ds Max.   In this blog I will show off 3Ds Max. this also allows you to add some nice textures and […]

Getting around 3DS Max

When learning a new software package, most users tend to struggle with the user interface and how they react with the controls of the software.  My biggest learning curve and frustration will probably be manipulating the 3D objects.  Moving the objects from one point to another or rotating, scaling etc. In 3DS Max I use […]

3DS Max Object Movement

In any design package, you will at some point have to move objects in space but in a manner that is exact and precise.  3DS Max has the tools to enact these movements. Firstly let us get to know where to setup the snaps.   At the top of your screen you will see these 3 […]

Autodesk Account Team Settings

Autodesk introduced Teams into the new Modern UI (it is not available in the Classic UI) where you can assign software into different Teams /departments and then monitor usage from there. When looking at the nomenclature for the Teams, it will have your name and then a number.  This can be very confusing at first.  […]

Autodesk Account Teams

If you are a Contract manager for your company you will have noticed that the user interface has changed considerably.  While learning to navigate the new interface, you will have also noticed that they have added new functionality. I noticed a worrying new functionality that Autodesk has recently introduced.  It’s called Teams.  Now I say […]

3ds Max 2020.1 Release

  Autodesk 3ds Max 2020.1 is focused on enhancing your workflow through a few new modernized tools. You can now easily customize, merge, and visualize shortcuts keys with a new hotkey system and enhance your workspace experience by extending your viewports across various monitors. Plus, building upon the feedback we received on the 2020 chamfer modifier […]

Merging 3D model and 2D Picture/Photo – adding a background picture

3ds Max is capable of merging a 2D picture (background) with the 3D model that you have created either in 3ds Max or your own modelling package eg Autodesk Inventor.  Adding a realistic environment goes a long way in convincing the client about the product that you are offering to them.  If they see a […]