Autodesk – Use Teams to Assign Certain Software to Certain Users

An interesting question came my way this week. A client purchased Revit LT subscription (x1) expiring in Feb 2022 with SRN 1. The client then purchased another Revit LT subscription (x6) expiring in Oct with SRN2. Assigning users by-product only shows Revit LT (x7). How does one control which user is assigned the software that […]

Customized Autodesk Installations

When you are in the privileged position that you are managing multiple products that are all assigned to your users, then you may consider performing a custom install or a deployment. For more information, please see the Autodesk documentation on Custom Installations. To start the process, open your Autodesk Account. Then go to the “Products […]

Autodesk Account Workflow

Introduction This blog will focus on how to use the Autodesk Account and Autodesk Desktop App to manage your Autodesk software. Autodesk is transitioning from a serial number-based system to a user-based system. There are several benefits to this system, but the system and users need to be managed. The idea behind this blog is […]