How to add SA Flag in Lumion

To add your own flag image to Lumion for example your country or your company logo like I have done with the South African flag, as below, please follow the simple process explained in the article. First you need the image you want to attach to your flag. In this case I googled South African […]

How to edit Revit Fill Pattern .pat file to match South African brick course height

Another question is about changing a fill pattern’s dimensions e.g. to make a face brick wall surface pattern match the South African face brick course height. Currently the problem is that the current Brickwork surface pattern course height is 75mm. See below. We want to change the Brick 75×225 pattern to an 85×225 pattern. How […]

How to create a South African Revit cavity wall and internal wall type

What we going to cover in this article is to create a simple 270mm brick cavity wall and also a simple internal 110 mm wall. The critical part is to make sure the cavities close and also that the two wall types connect correctly as per the screenshot of the plan below. Creating the 270mm […]