Inventor – Should I use Constrain or Joint

When creating assemblies in Inventor, traditionally you would use Constraints until Joints came along.  Whenever anything new is introduced into a workflow it can be very disruptive as you are comfortable with your current workflow.

Inventor Motion Constraints

Inventor has some great tools (constraints and joints) in giving components the ability to interact with each other as real world components. 

Inventor Measure Tool

Inventor Measure Tool has been greatly improved after some clamouring from the Inventor community.  With it you can measure between components, interrogate minimum distance between objects as well as get an accumulative measurement directly from within the property panel.

Vault – Create Custom Object

Custom Objects are entities in Autodesk Vault that are not standard or default objects in Vault.  For example, a folder, file or item would be an object and a Custom Object is well, anything else that you can think of.  For example if you wanted to create a custom task or list that the user needs to follow, you would create a custom object.

AutoCAD Web and Mobile

What Autodesk has done is tweaked AutoCAD to have what everyone has been asking for in a user interface and that is (drumroll please…..) DARK THEME!!!