3DS Max Render – Stills and Animations

When you first delve into the world of 3DS Max it is all fun and games trying to find your materials, get your lights setup and actually see your model after you have hit that render button. (your first try always seemed to be just a black picture) One thing to take note of before […]

AutoCAD animation

AutoCAD has the ability to animate a camera so that you can further interrogate a model that has been drawn up in 3D.  This short video demonstrates how you can navigate through your model either by walking or flying or creating a video that is set to a certain path.

AutoCAD Showmotion

AutoCAD Showmotion is little-known tool found in AutoCAD.  The command is found in the navigation toolbar.  It is a tool that allows you to animate a view of an object by giving it a little cinematic flair.  This short video shows what can be done in a short amount of time to animate your objects […]

How do I do a path animation in AutoCAD

To do the animation in AutoCAD you need to follow this step. A good idea is to move your 3D model to the 0,0 point. This seems to be the focus point of the camera by default. Now draw an arc around the 3d model. This will become the camera path eventually. As the arc […]

How to do a sub-element animation in Lumion

Using Lumion to do a sub element animation e.g.: let a building’s roof fall into place. A customer asked us to assist in that they want to do sub element animation using Lumion. If you don’t have Lumion software you can try the process below on your own by requesting and downloading a free demo […]

How to use the Lagarith codec for Revit animation exports

Many of us have done sun studies and walkthroughs in Revit which looked good inside Revit but as soon as you want to export the video to share it with your customers then the quality is too low or the file size is too large. I would like to introduce you to the solution: it’s […]