Inventor – Importing Assembly and Live Section Views

In today’s world we are finding that more and more we utilise CAD geometry from a software packages that is not native to the one you are using.  Autodesk has noticed this and given Autodesk Inventor users a plethora of tools to be able to incorporate foreign CAD models into your native environment. From being […]

Importing and AnyCAD in Inventor

I recently worked on an interesting problem with regards to getting some DXF/DWG 3D surfaces and 3D lines from a software package into Inventor.  The challenge was to get the model into Inventor and then have it update in the originating software, which would then update Inventor and any other parts that have been modelled […]

What’s New Inventor 2021 – Revit and AnyCAD

AnyCAD has made a mark in the Inventor world allowing users with different software packages to interact in a more collaborative way.  With Inventor 2021 that AnyCAD workflow has been extended to Revit.  You can now take a Revit model and reference it into Inventor and when the Revit model is updated, Inventor senses these […]

Solid Edge and Inventor with AnyCAD technology

In this video we demonstrate how Autodesk Inventor and it’s AnyCAD technology is breaking boundaries with sharing data between the different software platforms.  Autodesk has taken great strides in being able to import geometry from other software platforms and incorporating it into their workflow as this is what happens in the real world.  No One […]

AnyCAD for AutoCAD within Inventor

AutoCAD is able to be imported into Inventor with the AnyCAD technology.  This technology allows you to use the AutoCAD geometry  to do your Inventor features.  If you change the AutoCAD geometry from within AutoCAD it will also update in your part or assembly that you have imported the geometry into.

Fusion 360 export to Inventor

Fusion 360 export to Inventor Sharing data between different CAD environments can be tricky and problematic, especially if the design changes.  Inventor introduced a technology called AnyCAD which allows the user to upload a CAD model from a different CAD system and then automatically update the design if that CAD model is updated from the […]