Revit 2021 – COBie Export Limitation

COBie is a common deliverable for BIM projects worldwide. It involves assigning parameters to elements that is then populated with data and used in facilities management. This typically happens from the end of the design and especially during construction and commissioning. When exporting to COBie there are only so many parameters that can be assigned […]

AutoCAD Data Extraction – Table count

Have you ever wanted to do a count of blocks that you have inserted into an AutoCAD drawing. The extract data command allows you to do an accurate count as well as pull out metadata (attribute) information from within the block. This video showcases the process to extract and then modify the drawing to see […]

BIM 360 Delete and Redefine a Titleblock

The first step in creating a title block is to define the attributes that need to be extracted through Object Character Recognition (OCR). It is currently not possible to reorder attributes in the BIM 360 interface, so if it is important that you see attributes displayed in a certain order, please define them in sequence. […]