AutoCAD Coordinate Alignment with Geo-referenced Data

When bringing Geo referenced information into AutoCAD (not Civil 3D or AutoCAD MAP), it is necessary to set the coordinate system. Most users are of the opinion that all one must do is drop a pin, but this is not so. Bing imagery is referenced as per the latitude and longitude, whereas the point is […]

Create an Autodesk Software Deployment

Installing Autodesk software can be tricky if you do not know the correct settings to modify during setup.  If setup incorrectly, then trying to modify those settings can be even more time consuming if you do not know where the setting is to be changed.  I have seen this many times and sometimes it is […]

Using AutoCAD 2020 for Manufacturing

Too many designers are still stuck in a traditional way of thinking. There are so many ways in which components can be manufactured today. There are Autodesk solutions that are much better for manufacturing and you should definitely engage Micrographics to ascertain if these solutions will boost your capability and productivity. For instance: Autodesk Fusion […]

AutoCAD 2020 Change Space

I have a confession to make: I have a touch of OCD. When printing drawings, I aspire for them to look precise, and it annoys me when they don’t. I also don’t want to scale dimensions in my head when drawing. The item that I feel is most challenging, is the centrelines feature. I want […]

AutoCAD CAD Layer Standards Kick Start

In my opinion, the intelligent use of AutoCAD relies on using the layer structure and tools to implement a standard throughout a project. Whether one does this within a company workflow, or to comply with an imposed standard on a project, a good way to make a start is with an existing standard. They may not include all the layers you need to complete the project, but they do have the basic structure you need to make a start.

What’s New AutoCAD 2020

AutoCAD 2020 has been released and with it comes new features.

With the introduction of the specialized toolsets, the whats new for AutoCAD basically included all the modules of the toolset but in the background Autodesk was still adding new or improved feature son the vanilla AutoCAD.