AutoCAD blocks make great Inventor blocks too

The time has come to upskill to a 3D software package but you are scared of losing all your 2D block (library) drawings that you have so lovingly nurtured for all these years.  If you are an AutoCAD fundi like myself you have a very easy path to follow with Autodesk Inventor.  In the following […]

What’s New AutoCAD 2020

AutoCAD 2020 has been released and with it comes new features.

With the introduction of the specialized toolsets, the whats new for AutoCAD basically included all the modules of the toolset but in the background Autodesk was still adding new or improved feature son the vanilla AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2020 New Block Insertion method

AutoCAD 2020 has introduced an enhanced method for inserting blocks for both the current and previous sessions of AutoCAD.  The insert previous blocks function is a win in my books.

AutoCAD Design Center Introduction

  The Design Center in AutoCAD is a very useful tool when it comes to sharing design elements both within your own drawings as well as between colleagues and external consultants. To open the Design Center select the View tab on the ribbon and on the Panels panel you will find the icon for the […]