Autodesk Software install 2022 – AutoCAD Electrical

The Autodesk 2022 software has dropped and I very enthusiastically started to download and install my new toys. Now when coming to the install options they have streamlined the options quite dramatically to decrease the install time so that you can get up and running quicker. I didn’t have a problem with the normal AutoCAD […]

AutoCAD Electrical Symbol Names

If you look in the deep underbelly of AutoCAD Electrical you might stumble into one of the folders where it stores all its CAD blocks which get used for your Electrical schematics. When you discover these files they will make absolutely no sense.  Instead of seeing words like Capacitor, relay, pilot light etc. you will […]

Create an AutoCAD Electrical Project

AutoCAD Electrical is a powerful addition to the AutoCAD family.  Unlike AutoCAD Vanilla it has incorporated a project manager to coordinate all the drawings and cross-references that will occur when drawing electrical schematics. This is a quick video to demonstrate how to create a project from scratch as well as organise a folder structure for […]

Create an AutoCAD Electrical Project

Creating a project is very important in AutoCAD Electrical as it helps manages the drawings a s well as the relationships between your parent/child symbols as well as the panel components. This would include all your tag information as well.
In this video I show how easy it is to create a project in AutoCAD Electrical so that you have peace of mind when working on your data and making sure that there are no major issues when your project is well on the go.

AutoCAD Electrical Project Description Label Customization

When using the Title Block Update tool in AutoCAD Electrical you will notice that the default project description line headings are not very useful. They say LINE1,  LINE2, LINE3 etc. So when entering your Project Description information you can (understandably) get pretty lost. What you want to see when mapping your Title Block Attribute to […]

Creating a custom Component in AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical is an awesome turbo boost if you are creating electrical schematics for Panel design. Creating these in normal AutoCAD is time-consuming and tedious but not in ACAD E!!! Today we are going to showcase how easy it is to create custom schematic and panel components in ACAD E as you know you might […]

AutoCAD Mechanical and Electrical

This video shows the configuration for when installing AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Mechanical as you get multiple versions of AutoCAD when purchasing from Autodesk.

Installing AutoCAD with Specialized Toolkit

You have purchased the new AutoCAD 2019 which comes with all the bells and whistles.  Autodesk making the decision to include most of the vertical modules for Autodesk has come as a great enhancement for Designers. With these enhancement modules, questions have arisen on how to access, install and activate all the software. Where do […]

AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor – Part 4

So we have setup the link between AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor, our schematic has been drawn up and our 3D components have been modelled. Now, what We need to get our wiring that was created in AutoCAD Electrical into Inventor.   We are able to do this through an XML file.  In AutoCAD Electrical select the import/export […]