The new Quick Measure Tool in AutoCAD

Interrogating a drawing can be tedious.  Lucky for us AutoCAD has some marvelous tools to measure a drawing, be it from the grips that are made available when you select a drawing or the tools found in the utilities tab. This video demonstrates the ease at which AutoCAD can pick up dimensions in both the […]

Share Inventor 2D drawings with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT

In your typical design office you will have various people doing various jobs.  You will have your Engineers working out the details so that a product does not fail.  You will have your Draughtsmen/women sharing the workload between 3D modelling and 2D technical documentation. When creating 2D documentation from a 3D Inventor model it is […]

Inventor to AutoCAD

In a design environment, not everyone will have the fun of designing the project.  There is also the grunt work where the dimensions and details need to be created.  If you have a large staff complemen, your software bill could be quite significant if you purchased a design package (like Inventor ) for all the […]