AutoCAD Mechanical Construction Lines

AutoCAD Mechanical has numerous ways to create construction.  Many more than the vanilla AutoCAD.  How do you access it you ask?  Well, you already can with the new AutoCAD with specialized toolsets.  That’s right when you purchase an AutoCAD you get AutoCAD Mechanical with it. Here is a short video showing off some of that […]

Creating holes with AutoCAD Mechanical on a Plate

[fAnother short video on some of the great additional features you get in AutoCAD Mechanical.  Another great way that Autodesk is adding value to the Autodesk community. This video demonstrates the easy creation of holes a certain distance from the outside edges of a plate in 2D.

AutoCAD Mechanical and Electrical

This video shows the configuration for when installing AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Mechanical as you get multiple versions of AutoCAD when purchasing from Autodesk.

Installing AutoCAD with Specialized Toolkit

You have purchased the new AutoCAD 2019 which comes with all the bells and whistles.  Autodesk making the decision to include most of the vertical modules for Autodesk has come as a great enhancement for Designers. With these enhancement modules, questions have arisen on how to access, install and activate all the software. Where do […]

AutoCAD Mechanical – associative hide

One of my favourite commands in AutoCAD Mechanical is the associative hide command.  This is the ability to show hidden detail and when you make changes there is no rework that needs to be done.  Let me give you an example of how you would show hidden detail in normal AutoCAD.   If the green […]

AutoCAD Mechanical – an underutilised tool

AutoCAD Mechanical is very much an under utilised tool.  Rich in content, it is a pity that a lot of people will open it, look at all the strange buttons and then customise it to look like normal or vanilla AutoCAD. Some might say ah yes but AutoCAD is easier and quicker, but have you […]