Creating a symbol in AutoCAD P&ID

This video showcases how to create a symbol for AutoCAD P&ID on the fly as well as creating for initial and re-use in future projects.  

AutoCAD Plant and Xrefs

AutoCAD Plant is great for combining the disciplines of piping, structural components and equipment into one environment quickly and easily.  A problem that might (okay probably definitely) when working with large assemblies is the managing of the files.  Bigger files will equate to slower performance in your models, so what can we do to negate […]

Adding information to Intelligent P&ID borders

I recently had a query as to why the company had to manually add text to their drawing borders, When we were taking a look at their templates, we noticed that everything seemed fine, The issue was, that the users did not know that the drawing was pulling the data from the drawing properties, This […]

How to add a Spec to AutoCAD Plant 3D PnID

This is as I always say, easy if you know how.   Plant 3D has a lot of spec lines by default though a lot of companies are not very interested in detailing the material, Some, go as far as just stating Mild Steel or Stainless 304/316. If we look the picture below, you can […]