AutoCAD Plant 3D and Advance Steel models

When working with AutoCAD Plant 3D, you have the ability to create basic steel structures but they are limited.  One of the software packages that come included if you purchase the AEC collection is Autodesk Advance Steel.  If you haven’t heard of this and you are in the structural game I would highly recommend checking it […]

AutoCAD Plant 3D – Creating a Spec from a Catalog

AutoCAD Plant 3D is a great software package but getting the right components in your pipe runs might not always be there in the box. In South Africa we have a mix of different standards and sadly not all in the catalogs or sample specs that come with the AutoCAD software. If the piping and […]

Plant 3D – Why we normally use lower detailed models

A common question I get asked is why are the Plant 3D models so simple? Why can’t we just import and use high-quality models, showing all the fittings, connections, and details. The honest answer is that you can do a lot of this but there is a price to pay, Performance. Consider the picture below. […]

AutoCAD Plant 3D – Create circular grates

AutoCAD Plant has 3 different disciplines available when modelling you design.  Pipe (it’s primary function), Structural components and equipment (Tanks, pumps etc). On of the structural components which is extremely easy to produce is the ability to create plating for your structural element.  This plate can either consist of plate or grating.  One scenario that […]

Plant 3D – Adding Custom Components – Part 4 – Implementing into Plant 3D

Now that we have a basic scripted component, we can add it into Plant 3d, Firstly we need to create a folder named “CustomScripts” under content folder: “C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D 20##Content/CPak Common/” AutoCAD Plant 3D 20##Content would be based on your version of Plant 3D.   Now you can save the script as a .py […]

Plant 3D – Adding Custom Components – Part 2 – Breaking down the code.

This is the second blog in a series for customised plant components, In this blog we will look at a high level view of the components in building the Python script, These are stored in the following location: C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D 20## Content\CPak Common\CustomScripts\ If this is the first script, the CustomScripts folder will need […]

Plant 3D – Creating a pipe socket using an Olet

Had a query about inserting a female threaded socket into a pipe, We can normally get this functionality using a nipple and that is quite easy to create and insert, though the person specifically wanted a socket, specifically, for using the sockets female thread for male threaded instruments. this functionality can be achieved using an […]

Plant 3D – Changing BOM display in ISOs

In a previous project, I was asked to simplify the Bill of Materials (BOM) on the ISOs, this was due to the enormous amount of data that the ISOs generally pull though, they were also more interested in the high level information.   To do this in your own ISOs, if you want to change […]