Downloading and installing Autodesk software

A question that we get asked often is where can I download my Autodesk software. All the documentation points to the Autodesk account but I have found that it can be difficult sometimes.  One of the main reasons that software cannot be downloaded is that it has not been assigned to you by the administrator […]

AutoCAD – Find and Replace

When creating text in AutoCAD you might find yourself at a point where you need to find and replace content that has been created with your text.  This text can reside in blocks, attributes, single linetext or multiline text. There are a few places in AutoCAD where you can find this find and replace. The […]

AutoCAD – Find and Replace Text

AutoCAD is a tool that is great for creating objects like arcs, lines and circles as well as modifying that geometry by utilising commands like trim, copy and offset.  All tools needed to represent the drawings that you see today to depict our wonderful world whether it be in the mechanical, architectural or civil space. […]

Tables in AutoCAD

Creating objects in AutoCAD can be tedious.  After all it is a direct translation tool from working on the drawing board to working on a computer. When creating either a building or  mechanical machine, one needs to create a list of what is needed to build it in the physical world. For buildings a schedule […]

Dimensioning in AutoCAD Paper space and Model space

Have you ever heard water cooler talk about what is better, dimensioning in paper space or model space in AutoCAD.  The fact is that they are both equally efficient, you just need to make sure that the workflow is correct so that you do not have dimension font heights that differ.  They must all be […]

Offsetting a polyline vs a line in AutoCAD

Have you ever wondered why we have polyline and line in AutoCAD. There are advantages and disadvantages for both commands. In this video we explore the pros and cons of using these 2 functions in conjunction with the offset command.   People, Systems and Businesses Perform better with Micrographics. Our highly experienced Application Engineers can […]

How to add points to an AutoCAD drawing, number them and export to CSV file

How to add points to an AutoCAD drawing, number them and export to CSV file Introduction We have recently been asked how to add points to a AutoCAD drawing, number them and then to export the coordinate points to a comma delimited file or CSV file. Process When adding point via the AutoCAD Home Tab, […]

Importance of Updates for Autodesk software

Autodesk CAD software is great but not perfect.  When Autodesk releases a new version there will inevitably be some bugs that escape testing. This can be from both alpha and beta as well as development testing, This is why it is extremely important to check that your software is fully updated.  I have seen countless […]

What’s New AutoCAD 2022

AutoCAD just keeps on giving more and more and the latest release does not disappoint.  AutoCAD 2022 with specialised toolsets does not only improve on the industry specific tools but also on the base AutoCAD which we have come to know and love. What I have seen as well is that the versions between AutoCAD […]