Downloading and installing Autodesk software

A question that we get asked often is where can I download my Autodesk software. All the documentation points to the Autodesk account but I have found that it can be difficult sometimes.  One of the main reasons that software cannot be downloaded is that it has not been assigned to you by the administrator […]

Autodesk License activation issues

I have many inquiries weekly on how to activate their software and in today’s blog I will try and point out what needs to be done and what cannot be done. Firstly, there is no serial number.  When you log into your Autodesk account, there is a serial number but that is only for Autodesk […]

Inventor 2022 install

This video demonstrates how to install and setup Inventor 2022 using the new customise functionality in the Autodesk Account. Setup your content centre and download an exe which allows you to quickly and simply deploy over your network.  

Autodesk Account Team Settings

Autodesk introduced Teams into the new Modern UI (it is not available in the Classic UI) where you can assign software into different Teams /departments and then monitor usage from there. When looking at the nomenclature for the Teams, it will have your name and then a number.  This can be very confusing at first.  […]

Autodesk Account Teams

If you are a Contract manager for your company you will have noticed that the user interface has changed considerably.  While learning to navigate the new interface, you will have also noticed that they have added new functionality. I noticed a worrying new functionality that Autodesk has recently introduced.  It’s called Teams.  Now I say […]

Autodesk Maintenance to Subscription (M2S) – What now??

You have been convinced that moving your Autodesk software from Maintenance to Subscription is going to to get you more bang for your buck and you are right….but what now. Once Autodesk has processed the order on their side you will receive an automated email stating that you have purchased said software with a username […]