AutoCAD 2022 – Obscure Hatches using Blocks

It is a typical question that gets asked by those that start using AutoCAD. A floor plan exists, so how does one place elements on the hatch and have them obscure the hatch. The answer is relatively simple when you know-how. Firstly, make sure that island detection is on. Then place the blocks where they […]

Revit 2022 – Use Filters to Manage Working Sections

Because it is so easy to create sections in Revit, we often use it as a drawing tool. This becomes an issue when one is working on a production team and there are multiple users who all create their own sections to complete their modeling. Very often, their sections are superfluous and are indistinguishable from […]

Revit 2021 – Picking New Furniture Host in Groups

When one is placing furniture in a model, one must be careful to place it on the floor that represents the finished floor level, and not on a floor that is later moved down (like a slab). The furniture does not reside on the level but on the floor. It is irritating to have to […]

Autodesk – Use Teams to Assign Certain Software to Certain Users

An interesting question came my way this week. A client purchased Revit LT subscription (x1) expiring in Feb 2022 with SRN 1. The client then purchased another Revit LT subscription (x6) expiring in Oct with SRN2. Assigning users by-product only shows Revit LT (x7). How does one control which user is assigned the software that […]

AutoCAD 2022 – Slow Performance due to Missing Xrefs

I got hit with a curveball the other day. A client phoned in to complain that his AutoCAD file was misbehaving and that it was constantly freezing. I went through the usual time-tested process. Copied the file, audited it, purged the living daylights out of the file a bunch of times to get rid of […]

Revit 2022 – Model to Calculate Material Quantities per Level

It is very important to model Revit models as if one were building them. I have had some input from the construction industry where there are comments that the model that reaches them from the design phase is not suited to construction sequencing and that a lot of reworks is required to make the models […]

Revit 2022 – Groups vs Linked Models in Tiered Systems

As soon as a novice modeler begins designing blocks of flats or other structures where the same design is repeated either horizontally or vertically, there is a question that arises. Should one not group elements together so that one can change all of them by changing one of them? The answer is most certainly yes. […]

Inventor Joints vs Constraints

Which is the better tool when putting an assembly together, joints or constraints.  Myself being a long time user of Inventor I am so into constraints it just is not funny.  On the official front, Autodesk has stated that it is a newer better faster way of modelling in Inventor. Is this true? I have […]

Find and Replace for Inventor

When working on a design you can probably only guarantee one thing and that is change.  Whether it is the client changing their mind, the design of someone you are collaborating with, forces you to do a design change or maybe the fact that a deadline is looming and you need to start thinking off […]

Inventor – Managing Large assemblies

When working with large assemblies you will find that you will spend a good chunk of your time waiting.  Now time is money and when designing waiting is inevitable but how can we manage this. The first thing to look at is your hardware specs.  It is no use trying to create complex assemblies with […]