AutoCAD 3D – Adding a background for your render

AutoCAD has 3D capabilities which range from Solid to Surface to Mesh models.  When creating realistic or relevant environments for your 3D renders you should look at materials, lighting as well as the background. Having your model or objects in a recognizable environment greatly enhances the visualization you will be creating. Creating a background creates […]

How to create background fill for your AutoCAD text

How to create background fill for your AutoCAD text. Introduction We recently been asked about how to add a white background behind text so that you can read it. There are a couple of ways to do this and we’ll look at two. Problem The issue was that some lines goes through the text item […]

Merging 3D model and 2D Picture/Photo – adding a background picture

3ds Max is capable of merging a 2D picture (background) with the 3D model that you have created either in 3ds Max or your own modelling package eg Autodesk Inventor.  Adding a realistic environment goes a long way in convincing the client about the product that you are offering to them.  If they see a […]