Revit 2021 – Save and Paly Dynamo Definitions on BIM 360 Docs

Is it possible to store a Revit dynamo file on the cloud and then use it in with Revit Dynamo Payer? I created a Dynamo script to test and then uploaded it to the cloud. Note, the Dynamo script can be locked from within the file structure exposed by the Autodesk Desktop Connector. The Dynamo […]

Locking Files on Autodesk BIM 360 Docs

Until recently, BIM 360 only had the ability to apply permission control. It was not possible to reserve a file and collaboration was exclusive to the ghost files that are made transparent by Revit Design Collaboration. A user can now lock files so that only they are able to edit them. The process is discussed […]

Microsoft Access on BIM 360 Docs

I have been trying out Microsoft programs online and using them in BIM 360 and the web. It makes sense that one should be able to modify cloud files from any terminal so long as one has access to a browser and a license for Microsoft 365.   While common wisdom holds that Excel should be […]

Recovering A Revit Workshared File

Suppose a user initiates a central file and then creates a local copy, is it possible to recover the file if the files were deleted from the server and the local Revit file was also deleted (but the backup folder still exists)?

Revit DWG Imports on BIM 360

AutoCAD (DWG) and Design Review (DWF or DWFX) files can now be linked directly in to a Revit file from the files that are automatically synchronized from the cloud onto the desktop through the Autodesk Desktop Connector. This is great as one no longer must download the files to be linked onto one’s hard drive each time someone else updates the file. Also, the mark-up file (Design Review file) can now be stored in one location for management purposes, and this file can be linked into multiple users files at the same time. When the user synchronises the file (only one may do so at a time).

BIM 360 Docs on an Island

As a technical consultant and trusted adviser, I often have put myself in the shoes of my clients. It is no good dreaming of an ideal world and then expecting reality to suddenly change. There are real pressures and constraints that impact clients, and ignoring these can be detrimental to a client rather than adding value. […]

BIM 360 Delete and Redefine a Titleblock

The first step in creating a title block is to define the attributes that need to be extracted through Object Character Recognition (OCR). It is currently not possible to reorder attributes in the BIM 360 interface, so if it is important that you see attributes displayed in a certain order, please define them in sequence. […]

Autodesk BIM 360 Docs Titleblock Creation

Autodesk BIM 360 Docs Titleblock Creation Some very welcome news was shared by Joan Allen in the latest Autodesk BIM 360 Docs release notes! The changes address some of my frustrations encountered when first using Autodesk BIM 360 Docs. One is now able to specify a new template for documents within BIM 360 Docs. This […]