Autodesk Health Dashboard

I recently stumbled across a very useful site when I encountered an error while using BIM 360 Design. The resolution to the error is shown in the Autodesk post below. An error occurred while communicating with the cloud worksharing service This is what I discovered: when you try to connect to BIM 360 and you […]

Include BIM 360 Description Metadata in Revit 2020 Home Dialogue

I recently completed an exercise to consolidate my understanding of a BIM process by completing a flow diagram and I needed to be creative with my BIM file naming. One of my current irritations is that the description of the BIM 360 file is not shown in the Revit User Interface (UI) when opening from […]

Revit 2020 Shared Site Locations in BIM 360 Collaboration – 3 of 3

I the first two of three videos we looked at how to prepare a file that must be linked into a container by shared site coordinates (BIM 360 cloud collaboration files). In this last of three videos we look at the final collaborative result of our efforts. It is good practice to bring links in […]

Revit 2020 Shared Site Locations in BIM 360 Collaboration – 2 of 3

In the first of three videos we looked at how to create copies of the file that will eventually be linked into the container model by shared site locations (BIM 360 cloud collaboration files). In this second video we look at how we create the correct coordinate assignation to the location points. Firstly, link in […]

Revit 2020 Shared Site Locations in BIM 360 Collaboration – 1 of 3

Even seasoned professionals struggle with this one: “pushing” Revit Coordinates in the Cloud. While it is indeed not possible to push coordinates in Revit Collaboration, it is not that difficult to achieve the same result when you know how – just a bit tedious. If it is your habit of saving out groups to links […]

Microsoft Excel 365 Online in BIM360

Autodesk BIM 360 is becoming more user friendly by the day. I have recently migrated my file management and standards Excel spreadsheet onto the platform. To start with, it was not easy. The online browser platform (Microsoft Office 365 Online) was incompatible with the existing spreadsheet. This necessitated my having to copy and paste the […]

Backup BIM 360 Folder Structure and Files to Physical Media

Migrating to the cloud can be very convenient, but it is also important to be able to back this data up to a physical location(s): what if the files in the cloud become corrupt, or if geopolitics result in the destruction of part of the cloud? There are two parts to BIM 360: Plans Project […]

Copy and Paste Folders and Files to BIM 360 using Autodesk Desktop Connector

How easy is it to manage folder structures in BIM 360?   When BIM 360 first came out, not easy at all. Each project would have to have its own folder structure created from scratch. Then it became possible to create a “template” project to use when creating a new project.  Useful if one had […]

Revit Link Civil 3D Published Surface

Revit Link Civil 3D Published Surface Before linking in the Topography from the published Civil 3D topography, the coordinates between Civil 3D were shared into Revit (Shared Reference Point). In Civil 3D 2019.1, publish the surface. This may be found on the Collaborate or Output tabs. Choose which surface to export or use the “Pick […]

Which BIM 360 Products Do You Need?

It can be a little confusing when first considering BIM 360 which products one will need. Excluding BIM 360 Plan and BIM 360 Ops, below is shown the New Generation BIM 360 offering which all leverage the BIM 360 Document Management module as the Common Data Environment. Except for the Design license (with which one […]