How to export Revit data to Excel for standards and BIM workflow validation

We have come across a free tool that automates the data extraction from Revit. The extracted data could be used to check if users Revit models are within the company standards or conform to the set-up BIM standards. In this blog we’ll go through the process of the data extraction and validation.

3 Ways Low-Carbon Products Can Help Any Homeowner Realize a Greener Future

  As global temperatures reach record highs and polar ice caps dwindle, people increasingly understand that climate change not only endangers their health and well-being but also threatens their future and livelihood. But climate challenges often feel too large and unwieldy to tackle. That’s where decarbonizing design steps in. Engineers, scientists, and designers around the […]

Free BIM & CAD Webinar by Autodesk 20 March 2019 – South Africa

  Don’t miss  huge opportunities to transform your business processes. Join us in discovering seismic shifts facing your firm, the four main traps holding back from greater productivity, what can be done to take your organisation to the next level and explore the benefits of using Building Information Models! The building industry in South Africa […]

Unity + Autodesk: Enabling the flow of BIM data

For the public sector, communicating the value of AEC projects, driving consensus, and achieving stakeholder buy-in – whether from the public, legislators, or other authorities – is essential. And, in the past, this has frequently taken the form of sharing static 2D blueprints or conceptual design images in PowerPoint. However, new innovations in virtual reality […]

Corporate BIM Protocols – UK Linewidths

I often hear the comment that Revit is not set up in a friendly fashion as far as Architects are concerned. This is a valid comment, but it does seem to miss the point a little. Revit is much more than just a drafting tool: it also sets up the Information model. I have worked […]

BIM-Starts with the Owner

At Autodesk University last year, an exercise was done to discover the current state of South Africa with regards to BIM. An interesting piece of information presented itself – the client is missing. Now considering the entire BIM process is built around a response to an Employers Information Request, this is startling! Clearly, we need […]

BIM – Structured Data Lends Itself to Automation

When embarking on the BIM path many companies see the narrow definitions and structures as impediments rather than advantages. In this video, I use a small sample of how one might use these tight definitions to automate some task in Revit. Clearly, if the BIM Execution Plan of the lead designer lays out the requirements […]

Collaboration Challenges in South Africa

Picture this. You are an Engineer commanding a goodly hourly rate and some serious respect in the industry. Your time is valuable. An Architect asks you to design the MEP systems on a large skyscraper. You sit down in front of your computer and you are inspired! Then the following: The files you are handed […]

South African BIM Opportunities Abound – The Lead Contractor

BIM Opportunities Abound The Lead Contractor in South Africa has an unenviable job as they have to contend with content received from upstream that might be constructed according to any one Corporate BIM protocol, and to a varying degree of BIM compliance. Multiple projects are running at the same time and they all need to […]