AutoCAD 2022 – Obscure Hatches using Blocks

It is a typical question that gets asked by those that start using AutoCAD. A floor plan exists, so how does one place elements on the hatch and have them obscure the hatch. The answer is relatively simple when you know-how. Firstly, make sure that island detection is on. Then place the blocks where they […]

How to create a Dynamic block in AutoCAD 2020

I’ve seen many instances where customers have multiple individual blocks with slight differences. What I aim to show in the videos is the process to create an AutoCAD Dynamic Block from scratch. Also to show that you can add parameters into the static block to make it dynamic.

AutoCAD titleblock attribute issue        

A client phoned in and had an issue whereby one of the AutoCAD attributes within a title block he was working on had a problem with its positioning. He did not change anything and on older versions of the drawing it was still fine. If he had only one title block in the drawing it […]