Tables in AutoCAD

Creating objects in AutoCAD can be tedious.  After all it is a direct translation tool from working on the drawing board to working on a computer. When creating either a building or  mechanical machine, one needs to create a list of what is needed to build it in the physical world. For buildings a schedule […]

Inventor BOM structure

Managing data in Inventor If you’ve designed a complex product using Autodesk Inventor, chances are you will need to have the data of all the parts, assemblies and purchased components managed and sent to the next department who will need this detailed information to produce the design. This is generally called a BOM (Bill of […]

BOM Tools Pro Filters

BOM Tools Pro Filters BOM Tools Pro has some excellent filtering tools where you are able to customise your BOM to see what you need to see.  It filters through columns as well as text and you are able to accumulate filters as well.  These filtered out BOM’s will then be able to be exported […]