Inventor – Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard

Life is full of changes and that applies to working with Inventor as well.  How many times has a client asked that the design be changed because it just didn’t look right or something else changed on their side.  This does not only apply to the modelling side but also the 2D drawing side.  One […]

AutoCAD Advanced border information

Awhile ago I wrote a blog on how to add information to Autodesk borders using the drawing properties, Vanilla AutoCAD also has the ability to do the same and can be very useful if you are storing information in a database, This can make it far faster and easier to find drawings via searching by […]

How to Vector an Image

Welcome to how to Vector a Raster image This will show you how we can take an Image, like company logo, then convert it into an editable light weight vector that won’t suffer the same issues an attached image. Ever opened up an AutoCAD and seen a lovely message like the following? And then see […]