How to create a simple building in AutoCAD Architecture

How to create a simple building in AutoCAD Architecture Introduction In this video we’ll show how to add wall, doors and windows. Some rooms and also a floor and a roof. Conclusion Using these tools you can create a simple building very quickly and present it in 3D. If you need any further training or […]

With BIM, it was possible to design 28 buildings in 2 years!

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo celebrated Chinese culture and played host to  visitors from around the world. Following the Expo, China decided to transform  the Expo site into a development with commercial buildings, cultural areas,  and  public spaces. The development features 28 individual buildings along with  a  massive underground parking structure that links the above-ground […]

How to get SANSCalc Desktop report into Revit

A customer asked us to assist in how to get the SANSCalc Desktop reports into Revit.  If you are not familiar with SANSCalc – there are two versions, one desktop based called SANSCalc Desktop and another a cloud based solution called SANSCalc Online. What is great about SANSCalc is you can install a Revit Add […]

How to 3D Print a Revit Building

With this article/blog we are going to illustrate the process of 3d printing a Revit model. Initially you need to realise that in architecture we work with buildings and if we are going to print them on a relatively small 3D printer’s build tray then the scale deduction is going to be large e.g. 1:200 […]