Autodesk Takeoff found in the Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Takeoff found in the Autodesk Construction Cloud Introduction Recently Autodesk consolidated their cloud platform to the Autodesk Construction cloud. The reason they did this is to have one cloud area that covers more of the phases of the construction process, from planning, design, build and operate. Several additional products have now been added. What […]

The new BIM product portfolio from Autodesk

The new BIM product portfolio from Autodesk Introduction In November 2020 Autodesk announced change in the BIM360 portfolio. On the 9 February 2021 these changes have been taken into effect. In this blog we’ll be discussing the various changes. Products There are 3 main products. The first one is bundled with the AEC collection software […]

Controlling the AutoCAD Revision cloud arc size

Controlling the AutoCAD Revision cloud arc size Introduction We recently had a question about how to control the size of the individual parts of the AutoCAD revision cloud as the Revision cloud that the person created had variable arc sizes. As you know you can use the Revision Cloud command in AutoCAD to point out […]

Autodesk Health Dashboard

I recently stumbled across a very useful site when I encountered an error while using BIM 360 Design. The resolution to the error is shown in the Autodesk post below. An error occurred while communicating with the cloud worksharing service This is what I discovered: when you try to connect to BIM 360 and you […]

The Autodesk Construction Cloud

Introduction: What is the Autodesk Construction Cloud? In short, this is a vision of Autodesk to connect all the processes need to create s building from conception to construction stage, in the cloud. You can learn more on the vision at : The website for the main Autodesk construction cloud is found at: […]

How to use the Autodesk Drive to upload and share data

Introduction: The purpose of the blog is to introduce and to show you how to use the Autodesk Drive to upload and share data. History: The A360 Drive has been around for quite some time and is being replaced by the Autodesk Drive. The A360 Drive purpose is to upload data via mobile apps like […]

How to get started with the Extended Trial Programs from Autodesk

Introduction: As you know Autodesk has extended the use of some of its cloud collaboration products trial period to 31 May 2020. This is well received as you can now safely work from home for an extended period of time for free. Getting started: Many cloud-based products are available, from AutoCAD Mobile to Bim360 products […]

Recovering A Revit Workshared File

Suppose a user initiates a central file and then creates a local copy, is it possible to recover the file if the files were deleted from the server and the local Revit file was also deleted (but the backup folder still exists)?

Recap 360, Recap 360 Pro and Photo to 3D subscription add in

A customer contacted us recently and asked for us to please explain the differences are between the several options of Recap and also how Photo to 3D fits in. I explained the answer in the following way: Recap 360 software is primarily used for importing the raw point cloud data from the apparatus and then converting […]