How to get started with the Extended Trial Programs from Autodesk

Introduction: As you know Autodesk has extended the use of some of its cloud collaboration products trial period to 31 May 2020. This is well received as you can now safely work from home for an extended period of time for free. Getting started: Many cloud-based products are available, from AutoCAD Mobile to Bim360 products […]

Revit 2020 Collaboration – Using a Project as a Level Container

Because most Revit users operate in a silo, and because they don’t understand or consider the implications of moving a level with respect to the other disciplines, some may consider it prudent to have the BIM manager control the levels instead. Consider the HVAC design. Typically, they would use ceilings as hosts for their diffusers. […]

Corporate BIM Protocols – Hit the Ground Running

A Corporate BIM protocol is a living document and is important for a variety of reasons. Standardization is important in any practice. There is nothing as irritating as having to rework a project to look like the standard of one’s office. What about the naming of files, or their storage within folders? How many use […]

Collaboration Challenges in South Africa

Picture this. You are an Engineer commanding a goodly hourly rate and some serious respect in the industry. Your time is valuable. An Architect asks you to design the MEP systems on a large skyscraper. You sit down in front of your computer and you are inspired! Then the following: The files you are handed […]

BIM Execution Plan (BEP) – Consider the Engineers

Consider a skyscraper. Clearly there are scalable systems that need to be employed in managing such a BIM model. At Micrographics we consult on these systems and technologies and can help you tackle projects in this arena. As the lead Designer it will be expected that you interface and accommodate all disciplines. How you do […]