Inventor and Configurator 360

Inventor is able to upload the model for Configurator 360 straight from within Inventor.  If you access the Autodesk A360 tab you will notice an Upload to Configurator button.  This video shows you how.

Configurator 360 – Embedding and Misc

    Configurator models can be embedded into your website as well.  Imagine the client browses to your website and sees something he likes and there right in front of him is the Configurator viewer for him to add the necessary changes that they want for the unit.  Presses the RFQ button and now you […]

Configurator 360 – Auto update and usage updates

On the Options tab you have some Auto-update options. Auto-update Let user choose – this gives the user the option of having auto-update on after we have finish with the setting of the configurator Always on – The model will always update after you change any setting on either the form or the user parameters […]

Configurator 360 – RFQ Setup

On the RFQ Setup (request for quotation) tab you can setup an automatic emailing system to ask for a quote to be generated.  You can setup multiple emails to receive the RFQ.  If you have multiple email addresses it needs to be separated by a semi-colon. You can also have personalised text for the RFQ […]

Configurator 360 – Branding and Downloading

On the Options tab you can create Brand awareness for your company.  You can have your Company logo, name and a description be visible at the top of your catalogue.  The text, stripe (the demarcation between the logo and the name) and background color can also be changed to match your company brand. If you […]

Configurator 360 Settings – Designs

When setting up Configurator 360 (C360) you have the ability to control what gets seen and who is able to interact with the model that you have uploaded.   In the administrator account of C360 click on Designs and you will see a list of all the designs that have been uploaded. On the right […]

Configurator 360 – an Introduction

When designing in Inventor and making use of iLogic, it is normally only the designer who has access to the design. Let’s face it you do not want to give access to all the design files to any old Tom, Dick or Harry as a little knowledge can be extremely dangerous. Autodesk has come up […]