Copy Tool in Inventor assembly

Copying parts and assemblies in Inventor does not need to be a difficult operation.  In this video I demonstrate how to use both the copy tool as well as CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy assemblies with their constraints. People, Systems and Businesses Perform better with Micrographics. Our highly experienced Application Engineers can assist you with: […]

Autodesk Vault Basic Copy Design

This video demonstrates how easy it is to use the Copy Design tool to create new assemblies which creates new copies as well as reuses existing copies from a design that already exists in the Autodesk Vault.

Copying Inventor Assemblies – Part 1

When using the skeletal modelling technique in any 3D parametric package one needs to be aware of the fact that changing the skeleton part or sketch that is driving the design will change any and all parts, assemblies and drawings still linked to that primary skeleton object.

iCopy Design

When using iCopy design there are a couple of rules to follow. The first thing to take note of is that iCopy works on adaptivity and skeletal modelling.  Top -Down technique. You need to create a sketch which will drive the model that you would like to copy, be it a part or assembly.  This […]

Vault Copy Design – Part 3

Additional files not related to the assembly that was loaded into Copy Design can be added with the Add Objects button The default setting for copy design is for all library files and attachments to copy.  By checking the boxes next to Attachments and Include Library Files, the Children files will be displayed in the […]

Vault Copy Design – Part 1

Vault Copy Design in Inventor is very efficient but it does take a bit work upfront to get used to it. To start the Copy Design right click on the assembly that you will be making a copy of and select Copy Design.                 The Copy Design dialog […]