How to Stop Autodesk Desktop App or Autodesk Desktop Connector Services

The Autodesk Desktop App serves a dual purpose. When you are signed in, it is used to verify your Autodesk apps. If you were allocated different software under different usernames (if you were working for two companies, for instance) then you would sign in with the relevant user in the Desktop App first before changing […]

Copy and Paste Folders and Files to BIM 360 using Autodesk Desktop Connector

How easy is it to manage folder structures in BIM 360?   When BIM 360 first came out, not easy at all. Each project would have to have its own folder structure created from scratch. Then it became possible to create a “template” project to use when creating a new project.  Useful if one had […]

Revit DWG Imports on BIM 360

AutoCAD (DWG) and Design Review (DWF or DWFX) files can now be linked directly in to a Revit file from the files that are automatically synchronized from the cloud onto the desktop through the Autodesk Desktop Connector. This is great as one no longer must download the files to be linked onto one’s hard drive each time someone else updates the file. Also, the mark-up file (Design Review file) can now be stored in one location for management purposes, and this file can be linked into multiple users files at the same time. When the user synchronises the file (only one may do so at a time).

BIM 360 Team and Collaboration For Revit and Desktop Connector

BIM 360 Team and Collaboration For Revit and Desktop Connector How does one go about loading archived files onto BIM 360 Team when someone has deleted all the files from the Team? In this video we demonstrate how to save a central file onto the BIM 360 Team platform using the Autodesk Desktop Connector as […]

Autodesk Desktop Connector and Collaboration for Revit

Autodesk Desktop Connector and Collaboration for Revit I am now getting seriously excited about BIM 360 Team. The new Desktop Connector is amazing! If you are not using it yet, check out the link below, which explains it in detail. Essentially, if you have BIM 360 Team then one can use the Autodesk Desktop […]