DWG File Path Length and Autodesk Collaborate Pro

A critical step to take when adopting Autodesk Collaborate Pro on the Autodesk Construction Cloud is to make the decision to upload all the DWG files that are to be linked to the cloud. If a Revit cloud collaboration file links DWG files stored on a user’s hard drive, then the link does not have […]

Micrographics Auto X

Auto X created by Micrographics automatically converts your Autodesk Inventor .IDW or.DWG into a TIFF or PDF file for downstream consumption.  If you would like to give it a try email us [email protected]

Insert AutoCAD DWG file into Inventor

When you started designing many moons ago, the option for creating content was not readily available mainly due to cost.  Now that the cost has come down we are seeing more 3D content being introduced but at what cost to all those hard yards pout in designing in 2D AutoCAD.  Inventor has many ways to […]

Creating a sheet format in Inventor 2021

Creating 2D drawings from a 3D model in Inventor can be tedious and take many hours of work.  Inventor 2021 has now introduced a way to create templates for the your specific format.  For example the placement of views and which views are displayed.  This short video showcases how to create a sheet format in […]

PDF Lines are faded from DWG plot

To save on paper you can plot to PDF for viewing purposes.  One of the issues I have come across is that the lines are faded and do not look consistent.  In this video, I will demonstrate how to achieve this.

Revit DWG Imports on BIM 360

AutoCAD (DWG) and Design Review (DWF or DWFX) files can now be linked directly in to a Revit file from the files that are automatically synchronized from the cloud onto the desktop through the Autodesk Desktop Connector. This is great as one no longer must download the files to be linked onto one’s hard drive each time someone else updates the file. Also, the mark-up file (Design Review file) can now be stored in one location for management purposes, and this file can be linked into multiple users files at the same time. When the user synchronises the file (only one may do so at a time).

Aligning DWG Models in Lumion

When AutoCAD drawings (DWG) share a common origin, it might be necessary in Lumion to place them to a common origin. This is because very large models are often composed in separate files in CAD packages.

Inventor Sketch Symbols

Sketch symbols are a great way to communicate design intent when working in Inventor, These 2D sketches can be shared both between sheets in a drawing as well as between drawings either on your local hard drive or over a company intranet.

Autodesk multi sheet plotter

The multi-sheet plotter can be found under the Windows start menu, Autodesk, Inventor 2018. At the top you will be able to select a printer and change the properties to be either landscape or portrait.  Below the printer you have the option to work in either metric or imperial.  (This does not effect the units […]

DWG Imported into Revit showing jagged lines               

I recently came across an issue whereby the DWG geometry showed as jagged lines when imported into Revit as shown in the screenshot below. Have a look at arrow showing the architectural staircase in plan. The tread lines are jagged where it should be straight parallel lines. After troubleshooting we found that the issue was […]