The new draft Energy Efficiency Standards ( SANS10400-XA 2nd edition) has been published for public comment.

Introduction. Since a couple of year ago we had been informed that new SANS10400-XA standards are being worked on and will be published soon. A couple of websites had information on what could possible be in the new Standard. One I can refer to is this article from Building and Décor : The draft […]

Revit 2020 MEP – Why Care?

Here are some interesting facts to consider regarding energy usage in the built environment and on planet Earth: 40% of construction spend is MEP related 53% of Concentrated Solar Panels contractors are MEP contractors 40%-60% of energy is consumed by buildings and therefore MEP systems 75% of a project’s operational costs in the first 10 […]

Energy Efficiency for South Africa inside Revit

We have seen many improvements by Autodesk wrt adding Energy Efficiency into Revit. One thing that we already can use out of the box is to calculate the R-Values for walls, roof and floor requirement by SANS 10400-XA to comply. I’m not going to go into the requirement as set out by the SANS documents […]