Autodesk Vault – Data Standards

If you are utilising either Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, you will notice in the tools and utilities part of the installation something called Vault data standard.  What is this you might add? Vault data standard is a tool that allows you to populate your metadata such as part number, description, stock number etc.  It […]

Inventor – Linking parameters

Many people are not aware of parameters in Inventor but they utilize these gems every day of their Inventor lives.  Each dimension you enter for both features and sketches makes use of parameters. The trick to parameters is to make it legible to you while working with them.  This is where renaming your parameters come […]

Plant 3D – Mass Catalog Edit

Wouldn’t it be great to reuse some existing data like certain pipe fittings and tweak the details to suite your needs?
You can accomplish quite a bit using Excel.

How to create a business card draw using Dynamo, Revit and an Excel sheet.

Introduction and setup For our upcoming Revit Usergroup we have planned a random draw whereby we’ll give away a prize to one lucky attendee. We’ve decided that we’ll do the draw with Dynamo ! Here is a summary of the idea: Step 1. To create a Revit file containing Model text. Step 2. To enter […]

Recast a Standard to use with Autodesk BIM Classification Tool

Revit comes out as a United States edition as far as standards are concerned. This is true for Keynotes, Assembly codes, and Omniclass numbers. If you know how one can recast the typical standard to comply with the formats for any of these. It does take some understanding of the standard hierarchy, and if the […]

Autodesk Classification Manager for Revit

This invaluable tool with which to manage classification systems in Revit and Navisworks has been available for some time and may be downloaded free of charge here: As a Revit modeller with knowledge of BIM then know that: throughout the lifecycle of a building, classification systems facilitate managing data information models (Revit projects). Autodesk […]

ASAQS-A South African Classification Standard

The ASAQS standard is published by the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS). The ASAQS Elemental classification was developed by the BIM Institute ( in partnership with ASAQS and endorsed by South African Institute for Architects (SAIA). It may be downloaded here: The ASAQS Elemental classification is intended to address specification requirements through […]

Revit View Type Creation using Excel with Dynamo and Python

One of the tasks a BIM manager has is to manage view creation at the beginning of a project. I believe this task is most challenging on the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing side. Consider the following multi-disciplinary project view structure. Clearly, there is multiple floor plan view types and these need to be created for […]

Using AutoCAD and Excel to Iterate to a Solution

When we measure geometry for reverse engineering it’s not always possible to get to a solution using easy classical drafting techniques. In some instances, AutoCAD can be used to give the solution to complex geometry down to about the eighth decimal place. After modelling a design in 3D I usually pick up discrepancies in the […]