How to export Revit Models to mobile devices using SimLab’s Exporter

The significance of being able to export your Revit Model to an iPad or Android device is that you don’t have to take printed media to site for site meetings but only your tablet. This saves time and money. Firstly I want to mention that a 15 day demo of SimLab IPad/Android Exporter for Revit […]

How to export Revit models to 3D PDF using SimLab’s 3D PDF Exporter

The significance of this 3D PDF exporter is Revit users can now sent normal PDF file to their customers with the advantage that your customer can rotate and section the 3D model amongst other features using the normal Adobe Reader 11. Firstly I want to mention that a 15 day demo of SimLab 3D PDF […]

How to use the Lagarith codec for Revit animation exports

Many of us have done sun studies and walkthroughs in Revit which looked good inside Revit but as soon as you want to export the video to share it with your customers then the quality is too low or the file size is too large. I would like to introduce you to the solution: it’s […]