Revit 2021 – Visibility Graphics Override Problems in Downloaded Family

There are many reasons why BIM managers should be careful of just downloading families and plugging them into a BIM model. Consider the following scenario. An MEP consultant links in an Architectural model and then tries to highlight the plumbing fixtures in the linked model by overriding its model category in blue color. However, the […]

Storing Classification Codes in Revit 2020 Families

If you would like to have the codes exist within the families external to the project, then the correct shared parameters muse be loaded into the families. Where would you get hold of the parameters? I use the Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools. The BIM Interoperability tools are great, but they do not facilitate the storage […]

Revit Family – Graded Component Creation

In a perfect world there would be one 3D model that is sufficient for all aspect of a building throughout its life, but currently is not the case. In most families there are more than one purpose to serve, often with conflicting requirements. Families need to be modeled simply to display properly on council submission […]