What’s new in Revit 2022 – Load Autodesk Family enhancements

What’s new in Revit 2022 – Load Autodesk Family enhancements Introduction Revit 2022 has been released and we’ll be looking at some of the new features. In this blog we’ll focus on the enhancements made to the Load Autodesk Family tool. Process In Revit 2021 the beta Load Autodesk Family tool was added. As everything […]

Whats new in Revit 2021.1 – Load Autodesk Family Preview

What’s new in Revit 2021.1 – Load Autodesk Family Preview Introduction Every year Autodesk releases the new version around March/April and then a couple of months after they release an update. This is now called a ‘point’ update meaning it’s a 2020.1 version. In this blog, we’ll be outlining one of the features. Load Autodesk […]

Revit 2020 Family Origin Definition

When creating a family, one can indicate where the family origin is. One must indicate that a reference plane defines the origin. Question is, which reference planes qualify? Reference planes may be drawn at any angle, but only vertical and horizontal reference planes accept the notion of being origin defining. Yes, one may draw a […]

Revit View Type Creation using Excel with Dynamo and Python

One of the tasks a BIM manager has is to manage view creation at the beginning of a project. I believe this task is most challenging on the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing side. Consider the following multi-disciplinary project view structure. Clearly, there is multiple floor plan view types and these need to be created for […]

Creating an adaptive mass model in Revit

This article outlines the procedure to create a simple Revit adaptive family that wraps onto a Revit conceptual mass model forming the structure and façade of the building. The first step is to create the conceptual mass. Then the adaptive family and then wrap the family over the model to form the façade. To create […]

Creating a generic adaptive component in Revit

The process below will describe how to create a simple rectangular adaptive component similar to the image below. First step is to go Create Family as show below. Then select the Generic Model Adaptive family template. In the empty family place 4 points that will eventually form the corners of the rectangular shape. Once placed select […]

How to Fix a Revit Family in plan view

A customer sent us an Aluminum folding door family. The problem he had was that the sliding door frame detail are not adequate in floor plan view. I had a look at the family by selecting the Door and clicking ‘Edit Family’ on the ribbon. The frame is actually a 3D sweep item and the […]

How to add an Image into a Revit Schedule

Since Revit 2015, a new feature has been incorporated into scheduling that might be very beneficial to most people. This feature allows showing an image file like a JPG in a cell in your schedule. First you need an image file like a JPG or similar. A good way to get this image is to […]