Introduction to Frame Generator

The frame generator allows you to easily add and manipulate the ends of a frame that you have created in Inventor.  In this video we showcase how Inventor is able to easily and quickly get you up to speed with the Frame generator which is found in the assembly environment. People, Systems and Businesses Perform […]

Nastran In CAD – Line Idealization

Of the 3 idealizations or elements that created the line idealization solves the quickest.  It is a 1D element with 6 degrees of freedom.  Line idealizations are used when creating frames.  The best way to do this is create your frames with the frame generator.  This way Nastran will automatically assign a beam idealization to […]

Inventor 2021 What’s New Summary

Its that time of year again and Inventor 2021 is out.  I have created this short summary of new and improved features, for those of you wondering what your money will buy you this year. Performance improvements for large assemblies Increased responsiveness when selecting multiple components with window select or filters. Faster visibility toggle and […]

Whats New Inventor 2020 – Frame Generator

Frame Generator has been seeing lots of love from the Autodesk Team.  In 2019 it was the naming convention before saving the files and in 2020 you get end caps. (maybe we will see structural connections in 2021…)

Inventor 2019.1 Frame Generator Improvements

Inventor 2019.1 and 2019.2 saw some long-awaited enhancements to the Frame Generator. As you know when installing Inventor it defaults to the ANSI templates so that when you start dimensioning, everything is in inches. This is also true for the standards in the Frame Generator, it defaulted to ANSI every single time that you exited […]

Inventor 2019.2 Frame Generator Improvements

A big improvement that Autodesk has included in their recent 2019.2 is the ability to automatically configure the naming convention of your Frame Generator parts and assemblies. To access the file naming default options open the Application Options dialog box and select the file tab. Bottom left of the page you will see Options.  Select […]