Revit 2021 – Picking New Furniture Host in Groups

When one is placing furniture in a model, one must be careful to place it on the floor that represents the finished floor level, and not on a floor that is later moved down (like a slab). The furniture does not reside on the level but on the floor. It is irritating to have to […]

Revit 2022 – Groups vs Linked Models in Tiered Systems

As soon as a novice modeler begins designing blocks of flats or other structures where the same design is repeated either horizontally or vertically, there is a question that arises. Should one not group elements together so that one can change all of them by changing one of them? The answer is most certainly yes. […]

Revit 2022 Groups – Behavior of walls and Doors

I got caught out the other day. I was creating groups for apartment types when I picked up a problem with a door and a wall. You see, what I had done was to add a door to the group, not considering that walls cannot be added to groups after a door that it contains […]

Revit 2021 Managing Structural Groups using Selection Sets

Some BIM Execution plans call for the Structural model to be split into the same levels and zones as the Architectural models. When it is required that the structural model must also be also for structural analysis using Autodesk Robot or some similar product, then the Structural model is composed of only one model or […]