Inventor – Importing Assembly and Live Section Views

In today’s world we are finding that more and more we utilise CAD geometry from a software packages that is not native to the one you are using.  Autodesk has noticed this and given Autodesk Inventor users a plethora of tools to be able to incorporate foreign CAD models into your native environment. From being […]

PDF conversion into AutoCAD

Working with different file formats can be a bit of a pain, but in AutoCAD it is quite simple.  AutoCAD allows you to import and make use of various models like IGES, Solidworks and many more. In this video we showcase how to import and use the raster image in a PDF file.

Whats new in Revit 2021.1 – Improved import and export functionality.

What’s new in Revit 2021.1 – Improved import and export functionality. Introduction In this video, we will be discussing the new features and improvements to the importing and exporting of files. Conclusion With the improved SAT, Rhino, Sketchup, and FormIT importing and STL exporting this enables smoother workflow to and from Revit which will help […]

How to import an AutoCAD Architecture model into Lumion.

Introduction. A question from a customer came up on how to import an AutoCAD Architecture model into Lumion. In this blog we look at the process. Process. With the release of Lumion 10 a new feature is that the DWG Importer was built into the software so no additional addons need to be installed for […]

Open an Infraworks Model in Civil 3D

In the last of a series of two video blogs, we look to open an Infraworks model in Civil 3D. For this to be possible in the first place, both must share a compatible coordinate system.

Import Inventor files into 3ds Max

With Showcase being discontinued more and more users are looking at using 3ds Max which is a fantastic rendering package that comes bundled in the Product Design and Manufacturing Collections. 3ds Max can link in Revit, AutoCAD and FBX files.  For Inventor, you import the files.. If a change needs to be made then you […]

How to get a Civil3D surface into Google Earth to validation its position

I received a request from a civil customer wanting to validate his Civil3D surface to see if the surface that has been created is correct. A suggestion was made to superimpose the newly Civil3D created surface onto Google Earth. Civil3D had such a feature in previous versions but in the last couple of versions its […]

DWG Imported into Revit showing jagged lines               

I recently came across an issue whereby the DWG geometry showed as jagged lines when imported into Revit as shown in the screenshot below. Have a look at arrow showing the architectural staircase in plan. The tread lines are jagged where it should be straight parallel lines. After troubleshooting we found that the issue was […]