Autodesk Climate Change and What we Can Learn from Katrina

Many of our clients do work in Southern Africa as well as globally. How can Autodesk help with a design for climate change? What is at stake?   We live in the Cape of Storms (a wrecking ball for ships and yachts). Just listen to Ellen MacArthur (an erstwhile guest of Cape Town Royal Cape Yacht Club) […]

Locking Files on Autodesk BIM 360 Docs

Until recently, BIM 360 only had the ability to apply permission control. It was not possible to reserve a file and collaboration was exclusive to the ghost files that are made transparent by Revit Design Collaboration. A user can now lock files so that only they are able to edit them. The process is discussed […]

Open an Infraworks Model in Civil 3D

In the last of a series of two video blogs, we look to open an Infraworks model in Civil 3D. For this to be possible in the first place, both must share a compatible coordinate system.

Prepare an Infraworks Model for Import into Civil 3D

When there is little information available of an existing development, or if large-scale planning is to be done, then Infraworks is a good place to start. In part one of two video blogs, we look at preparing the Infraworks model, so we can import that into Civil 3D for further analysis. Using the Infraworks Model […]