Installing Revit 2020 Content After Initial Installation

Especially with new users of Revit, it is common that the incorrect content was downloaded on installation. If you want to use South African metric content, it does not help if one has the English imperial content installed. In the past one had to navigate windows and alter the installation before being able to download […]

Windows 10 Fails to Find NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

I recently formatted a variety of computers and installed Windows 10 Pro from scratch. The Microsoft Windows Creation Tool was used to create a bootable USB memory stick. Using Diskpart, I cleaned the drives, converted them from MBR to GPT file allocation systems and created a Primary Volume. I love the fact that Windows 10 […]

Revit 2016 – Install Content After the Fact

How does one install content if one did not do it the first time around? This blog investigates that after showing how to go about installing Revit. When installing Revit one should remember to first of all temporarily disable virus protection and set the Windows User Account Control Setting to its minimum. This should be […]

How to install AutoCAD LT for Mac with a windows version

Once you have purchased software for Windows and you want to install onto a Mac you can do the following as described below. The first step is to download the software. However, there are a couple of ways to download the software. Use the Autodesk Virtual Agent as per link: or use the Trail […]

How to Install Revit 2015

A number of people have asked about how to correctly install Revit from the Building Design Suite 2015. The main issue is caused by the Revit 2015 library content that is not on the actual 2015 flash drive.