Revit and Robot 2022 – Revit 2022 Hotfix 1 Breaks Interoperability

I had a huge problem with Revit 2022 and Robot 2022 interoperability. It turns out that the link between Revit 2022 and Robot 2022 is broken when one installs the Revit 2022 Hotfix 1. Autodesk Robot’s ability to input a Revit file is broken. The only solution that is suggested online is to uninstall Revit […]

Lumion 11 Standard Renders Lumion Pro Scene Files

I learned something interesting this week about Lumion Pro vs Lumion Standard. A client asked what the interoperability between the two is. In my initial investigation, I learned that Lumion Pro files can be opened in Lumion Standard, that all the effects are visible, but that those effects that were applied in Lumion Pro are […]