Inventor 2018.1 has been released

Autodesk have really upped their game with regards to getting out more bang for your buck with their software.  With the additional software that has been made available (Nastran in-cad and Inventor HSM) we are getting to a stage where not only are we getting maximum software for our money but also very useful software. […]

Autodesk Inventor as a Translator

Autodesk Inventor is a great tool when it comes to translating other vendor’s CAD models.  Autodesk has seen the importance of translation and has put a lot of work into the software.  What it does very well (as it always has) is bring in AutoCAD dwg’s.   This is seen as extremely important as how […]

What’s new Inventor 2018

So as the service packs and updates get rolled out for the Autodesk 2018 companies are now starting to install and test out their software.   So lets get to know what’s new in Inventor 2018. Inventor has now included MBD.  Model Based Definition.  This allows you to detail in the model and then use […]

Inventor Presentation Environment

The Inventor presentation environment was recently upholstered after many years of not getting attention.  This is because Autodesk discontinued the sale of Inventor publisher. Above you will see the interface of the presentation environment. The presentation ribbon which holds all the commands The browser which shows all the parts and the tweaks that you create […]

Inventor 2018 – Whats new in Parts

Autodesk has enhanced the chamfer tool to be able to do a partial chamfer.  You will see that they have added another tab to the dialog box. When you select either 1 or more edges it will show the below. The To Start column is the driven dimension.  You will manipulate the length and position […]

Inventor 2018 – Whats new for parts

Before we get started just a quick reminder that when you install Inventor 2018 it will install with ANSI and inches as the standard. So if you are a newbie and you would like to change it to mm let me quickly show you how. On the start, page click on the configure default templates button. […]

Inventor 2018 – New measurement tools

Measuring in Inventor as always been a bit of a pain, what with having different buttons for each type of measurement you wanted to do.   They have now streamlined that (thanks to the ideastation) and there is only 1 button.  Yes folks 1 button. First thing you will notice it looks very similar to […]

Inventor 2018 is HERE!!!!

Okay so I am a little late to the party.  Inventor 2018 was released last week. There has been a plethora of articles on whats new Inventor 2018 (yes it is that great) so I am going to throw my hat into the mix and give my take. Wow.  That’s all I can say.  So […]