Lumion 11.3 Layers Management

Lumion 11.3 has some great features. One of them is the ability to place elements in layers. In addition to elements automatically being assigned the relevant category, their layer property allows one to control their visibility in the build mode. This makes it easier to select items. If one switches off the other layers, containing […]

AutoCAD CAD Layer Standards Kick Start

In my opinion, the intelligent use of AutoCAD relies on using the layer structure and tools to implement a standard throughout a project. Whether one does this within a company workflow, or to comply with an imposed standard on a project, a good way to make a start is with an existing standard. They may not include all the layers you need to complete the project, but they do have the basic structure you need to make a start.

Importing AutoCAD files into 3ds Max – Part 2

Naming and grouping of the AutoCAD objects that are imported play an important part when trying to assign materials to various objects.  You want to be able to select as many parts with the same material or properties so as to decrease your workload. The AutoCAD objects can be derived through the following various options. […]

Quick Change to Layer Properties in AutoCAD

Modifying the behaviour of your layers is as quick as 1,2,3.  In previous AutoCAD versions, you would need to open the Layer Properties Manager and then change the behaviour or property. In the current AutoCAD navigate to the Layers Panel on the Home Ribbon, click on the drop-down arrow next to the layer name and […]

AutoCAD Layers

AutoCAD Layers Happy New Year to all far and wide!! I hope everyone has a fantastic and exciting 2018. This year I am kicking off chatting about AutoCAD Layers. I teach AutoCAD down here in sunny Cape Town, South Africa for Micrographics and for beginners it can be a bit of a challenge for both […]